About Us


When asked, most people say that they would want to spend their last moments in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by their loved ones. And yet, most spend the final days of their lives on a hospital bed, surrounded by machines, tubes and doctors. One Little Wish hopes to bring about a change by helping people live out their last days the way they wish to.

To do so, we want to create more awareness about end-of-life care by bringing inspiring stories and important information to people. We also want to encourage people to talk more openly about this critical and inevitable part of our lives. It's important that we speak and listen to our loved ones and have a conversation about ours and theirs end-of-life wishes so that we can ensure the best care possible, when the time comes.

Apart from this, we are also addressing the lack of a legal framework in India concerning end-of-life care. We want to empower people and give them the lawful right to choose how they want to spend their last days. Which is why, we are drafting and lobbying for the End-of-Life Care Law in India. The bill, once passed, will give every individual the legal right to choose the care he or she wishes to have during the final days of his or her life.

Meet The Team

Dr Raj K Mani

Director,Critical Care, Pulmonology and

Sleep Medicine at

Saket City Hospital, Delhi

Dr Roop Gursahani

Consultant Neurologist

at PD Hinduja

National Hospital, Mumbai

Dr Rajam Iyer

Pulmonologist at

Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai

Dr Mahesh Menon

Consultant - Pain and Palliative Medicine at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai